Yuen Long Cinema – A touch of the Sun

Yuen Long Cinema has always been creative by adding in new elements to improve audience experience. Yuen Long Cinema is one of the first cinemas in Hong Kong using cinescent. The Cinema partnered with Chii Scent; creates a welcoming, cozy and refreshing atmosphere by applying cinescent.

Yuen Long Cinema pumps citrus and grapefruit smells through the cinema’s air conditioning system to distribute scents. Finer fragrance molecules then reach the audience, strengthening its brand image together with its woody décor.

Yuen Long Cinema encapsulates the summer spirit, French elegance and nobility, sentiments which are translated to scent with an initial touch of fresh citrus, blooming to the heart of White Rose before retreating to a luxurious, calming base of White Sandalwood and cedar.

The retro style interior design is well designed to be a special date spot or a place to meet friends. The scents Chii created for them are light and refreshing. Besides adding value to overall cinema viewing experience, the refreshing atmosphere also removes the unwanted odors from the audience. Citrus notes are energizing, jasmine is mood enhancing and sandalwood is calming. This combination presents a delicate balance of creating the right mood and emotional response that creates memorable cinematic experience for patrons.