Our Story

What We Believe
Chii Scent was found in 2015, by a team of fragrance lovers and business professionals who have served the Hong Kong and South Asia B2B market for over 30 years, rich in market knowledge and skills. Whilst the demands of customers are constantly enhancing, the team discovered a way for scent to bridge the communication with people. Issuing unique & effective communiqué for the mass audience.

Chii is inspired by the Chinese character “Qì” (“氣”). Air, harmony & atmospheric.

“Qì” is vital to the biological make-up of beings. All living things breathe in “Qì”, live in “Qì”, and communicate through “Qì”. Through the vibration of invisible molecules, energy is transferred from one object to another, scents transport from one place to another, reaching the bud of your senses. It is the invisible air that convey signals between people, and connect every one, and everything.

We seek to discover the inner character of business with our customers, and show it authentically using the most edge-cutting scent solution technology. We make sure the character of different business is vividly revealed in its own special way, catching up with the latest scent market trend, and nonetheless ensuring the message passed down is accurately conveyed through different products.

In the current tornado of fast moving business cycle and endless evolving market, Chii Scent is committed to hold hands with our customers, and enjoy this bumpy and infinite journey toward scent discovery, exploring new scent and new products.