Case Studies – Hotel

Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo uses an iconic citrus and herbal scent. A seducer from the Garden of Eden. Trees of bergamot blowing in the land of lavender field. The herbaceous and woody connotation of blooming lavender, complex and rich. Finishing with a bow of jasmine, making the scent cosmopolitan and enchanting.

It is important for hotels to make an impression for every guest who enters the hotel. Distinctive carpets and patterned wall, insane use of colour combination and innovating technology, all adds values to the hotel, heightened guest’s interest in sensorial stimuli, expressing the unique brand image. Right before stepping into lobby and being hit by the visual stimuli, once the door opened, guests are usually welcome by a greater stimuli – SCENT.

Whilst scent is hard to forget, hotels generally integrate scent into their overall brand identity. It encourages returning business by making the specific note to customer’s memory, increase brand loyalty and which, in turn increases property ROI.