Case Studies – Pure Fitness

Chii caters to different customer needs. We are proud to present laboratory-certified All-in-One Fogging disinfectant Solution – VirusKiller to our clients. VirusKiller passed the European standard for disinfectant or antiseptic (EN1276), CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories heavy metal test, and the government-approved (Intertek Testing Service Hong Kong) laboratory test. The machine obtains safety claims and has been proven to have strong bactericidal power which kills 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria. This multipurpose and scientifically proven machine can be placed in any common area include hotels, schools, restaurants, beauty spas, and shopping malls, etc.


Recently, Chii has been working with Pure Fitness to provide a safe and hygienic workout environment to keep-fit-fanatic.


Exercise is important for mental, physical, and immune health. However, under the pandemic, gyms are considered as potential hotspots of COVID-19 transmission since they are often closed indoor spaces and are often crowded during evenings and weekends. Shared gym equipment and facilities also increase interpersonal contacts and the risk of secondary/tertiary transmission. Forceful breathing during exercise is also a factor of increased expulsion of virus-containing droplets. Therefore, in a published article HKDMed stressed the importance to disinfect equipment before and after usage (Sridhar, 2021). The installation of VirusKiller ensures large-scale disinfection to every corner, destroys the source of the pathogen. Together with Chii, Pure Fitness disinfects gym areas and minimises the risk of virus outspread and transmission. Pure Fitness aims to regain customers’ confidence by providing visitors a protective workout environment.


VirusKiller is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Viruskiller with no harmful residual produced is safe for the elderly, children, and pets.  Besides, it is multipurpose and effective to remove unpleasant smells and indoor formaldehyde. For more detail, please contact our team, we are looking forward to talking to you.

All photos are taken on site. No demonstration images are used.



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