Case Studies – LV

The latest edition of the Objets Nomades Collection presented by the luxury brand – Louis Vuitton integrated the creative innovation of international designers with complex but traditional craftsmanship to create furniture pieces that are rooted in Louis Vuitton’s vision of travel.


It was Chii’s honor to provide scents design management for the brand’s Objectmades Series Exhibition in Hong Kong. After a few consultation sessions, Chii presents an elegant, deep, and oriental scent to the brand. It contains accords of black tea, Damascus rose, tobacco, leather, oud, wood bark, and patchouli.


The refined scent starts with black tea and rose, the floral accord comes after and brings in a slight fruity component. Very quickly, the scent transits to the lightest oud accord give a mysterious yet luxurious touch to the scent. The overall scent is thick and intense on a woody, mossy base.  The aroma is sophisticate, embodying the brand’s design code and complex craftsmanship and creative innovation. Chii and Louis Vuitton carefully selected a dark, exquisite scent matching with the theme of the exhibition, displayed iconic pieces in a new light for visitors to see, touch, and feel.


Chii Scent caters to different customer needs. We provide scents design management service for various occasions and venues, includes but not limits to art galleries, brand exhibitions, business events, and conferences, etc. With our professional experts, you are provided the most suitable and cost-effective scent solution package. Besides, Chii also offers various scent devices and equipment. Chii cares about our clients, we are here to help you highlight your brand image and impress your target audience. Welcome to contact our team for more details.