Case Studies – Gucci

The Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci unveiled a flash-back exhibition tour – “ Gucci Garden Archetypes” in memory of its 100th– anniversary in May 2021, with the third stop in Hong Kong, opened from June 25 to July 9. This centenary exhibition was to give an overview of its immersive multimedia campaigns in the past six years and to celebrate the fashion house’s creative vision as part of its 100th-anniversary festivities.


Chii and Gucci worked together to impress audiences with a floral blossom scent. Gucci  Bloom by Gucci is a scent with a green, courageous accord that transports the audience to a vast garden filled with many flowers and plants, a bouquet of abundance. The aroma is a thriving garden full of diverse types of flowers. This refined scent opens up with jasmine. Very quickly, you can smell the white lilies, sweet but light. It is a very simple and linear scent. It is classy and elegant, confident and beautiful.


Coupled with a superb collection of scene designs and layouts, Chii and Gucci invited visitors to cross the imaginary. Audiences can put themselves into various artistic creations of the garden works which speak of every Gucci campaign. Each collection is unique and inimitable that expresses the fashion house’s attitude and spirit.


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