Case Studies – Duck & Waffle

Since noses and tastes buds work together to make a meal delectable, scent aroma is catching up in fine dining in recent years, leading to rising attention to scent marketing in the restaurant industry. Several studies reveal positive outcomes of adopting scent marketing. Such as increased revenue, gaining returners and loyal regulars, prolonged customers’ staying, etc.


Duck & Waffle Hong Kong locates at IFC Mall at Central Waterfront, offers traditional British cuisine. To enrich customers’ dining experience, Duck & Waffle works with Chii Scent. The restaurant pairs their feature dishes with recognisable scents. They select from various types of scents to ensure it does not clash with the dish’s aroma.


Chii Scent suggests that clean scents can cover up potentially displeasing smells. Together with Chii Scent, Duck & Waffle constructs a balanced environment for everyone to enjoy no matter their food preferences by circulating refreshing scents near kitchen work stations and in the eating areas.


Citrus scents like lemon and orange are effective masking aromas that neutralise problematic odours. Therefore, Chii Scent has chosen a citrus-green-floral scent for Duck & Waffle. The overall scent is bright and airy. This is a unique combo of salt and fruit. The sweetness of pear is authentic and shimmering, very well-blended with a slight boozy and oily olive. Not overwhelmingly sweet but mouthwatering and just-right.  Slowly, a wonderful spring flowers bouquet of jasmine and lily of the valley released; enhanced by just a hint of pineapple, apple and magnolia. The cedar-wood and moss add a slight herbal, balsamic undertone, just enough to lend a quiet subtle back-note.

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