Case Studies – BMW Show Room

Within the automotive industry, first impressions are important that has a great impact on sales. Cars are luxury goods that customers do not make a purchase every day or every week, as they do other necessity products. This renders the sale of every single car vital to company profits. The addition of ‘just-right’ ambience scent catches customer attention and connects with consumers on a deeper, more personal level, in turn, to win their trust and influence their purchasing choices.


Scent-marketing experts recognise that the perception of newness and luxury is highly desirable for those who seeking for a new vehicle. Thus, Chii Scent suggests the BMW Luxury Class Showroom with a leathery, carpeting scent to further capture the mysterious and luxurious of the brand.


This signature aroma is classified as a sharp, woody, dry fragrance. This intoxicating scent possesses a blend of guaiacwood, cedar, olibanum, vetiver. Followed by a floral, herbal blend of violet, macis, jasmine and lavender; creates a feminine touch and balance with the masculine earthy accord. This unisex fragrance is slightly sweet and old-school. Hints of musk and amber evoke freshness and spiced leathery. Very classy and sophisticated.


By emitting this captivating fragrance in the BMW showrooms, Chii Scent believes it helps consumers trigger the best memories, and imagine themselves driving in one of the high-end BMW vehicles.

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